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The Original AM2k Store has new items! And of course, for a little bit longer there's the New AM2k Contra Code Wear Store. It's limited edition - and your best way to prove to everyone that you were good at Nintendo. Hey, didn't I order a bunch of stuff for you guys? Where is it?

R.I.P. Dignan the AM2k Fish. He may not have had a long life, but he'll be remembered for a long time. I mean, how many other staff members could breathe underwater? That was pretty cool.
AM2k Educational Films #1: "How Flat is Kansas, Really"? Ever wondered how boring it is to drive across Kansas? Well now you'll be able to find out! Plus: Check out the Gallery for more iMovies!

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The Classic AM2k Martini

AM2k - November 27, 2002

Dignan The Fish: 2002-2002
Well, the AM2k Staff Fish, Dignan, met his untimely demise Tuesday afternoon while I was out getting coffee. Or maybe it was untimely - he lived for a week. Is that a long time for a fish? Anyway in his short-but-impressive lifetime, Dignan served his duty as AM2k Staff Fish well, swimming around, eating flakes of fish food, and hiding behind cheap plastc corral decorations. Although that was the extent of his tricks, he was still the best goldfish ever to serve at AM2k and will be missed. Look for an obiturary to appear on the staff page within the day or so.

Meanwhile, it's Thanksgiving! And you know what that means: New WebPoll. So go ahead and vote, I'm not stoppin' you. Oh and Happy Thanksgiving, too - it's a fun holiday with all the eating and thankfulness and what-not. There you have it. More to come next week (and paossibly late this week), here at AM2k! 

Somewhat Current Features

Kansas Movie Released
The How Flat is Kansas, Really? movie is still available for download. It's kind of weak though - unifinished, really. For more AM2k iMovie fun I recommend one of these:

Proof it Snowed in Eugene
The Road to Helvetia
Gilbert Hall Goes Down: The Movie

But, there needed to be some Ultimate Road Trip stuff on AM2k. And there you have it. I'll tell you something, driving across Kansas is more boring that Eugene-Corvallis on I-5. I'm talking worse than Redding-Sacramento. So of course the only thing to do out there is make a small movie. I think you'll love the soundtrack.

It looks just like this for FIVE HOURS

Ferrua Wedding Picture Galleries
Unless you've been driving across the country or something you should probably know that Kevin and Kourtney got married on November 12. And you know, even if you were driving across the country that's a really bad excuse. I mean, really - I should know. Well anyway, here's your chance to see nearly 300 pictures from the wedding day and the day before. It's a perfect way to spend a little "free time" at work.

Two days... 300 pictures

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